I have now been working in this business for more than 12 years and it is a great job
Our staff are working dedicated in order to fulfill the ideas, requirements of our partners / customers, which also include answering all related questions of any kind
I enjoy the work on the innovative side – and together with my staff.
This kind of job, automatically leave to a close cooperation with partners / customers (you)
Brojen has now launched a high end brand WOLF Shield
Have a look and be sure the brand will expands its the product range – over time
At last I would like to point out the high quality level we have towards our suppliers and ourselves.
Visit us – in order to discuss a project, how we can cooperate – if you plan to visit China
Thank you for your time,
Jason Li
CEO & Owner
Our staff is highly skilled and trained. They will go through a scheduled trainee program
To pass each of the following steps take will  3 – 10 working days, all depending on their skills and understanding
1. Packaging  2. Assembling  3. Appearance  4. Soldering  5. Testing
If they failed afterwards, 1-2 days re-training
Each worker wear an identity card and on the back side, their status of pass topics can be seen.
Social Activities
The  staff of Shenzhen Brojen Electronic Technology Co. Ltd .is one of the main reason we do as well, as we do.
In order to show our gratitude, we organize social activities during a whole calendar year
Friday Activity:
The company provide fresh fruit to be shared
Birthday Party:
In April the company celebrate those who had birthday in January -> March – and the same set up for the following ,months of the year
The company will hand out a personal present to each and there will be a small high tea as well
Mid Autumn Festival
The company provide a personal gift – which is not  a box of Moon cakes
2019 is the first year the company celebrate Christmas – this include, games, enjoying drinks and food, but most importantly the handing out of gifts
Calendar New Year
The company hand out a gift to each one
Chinese New Year
This is the largest movement of people and also in the shortest time, in the world
Most Chinese will go back to their hometown
The company will hand out a personal gift – mostly it is money (red envelope) to help for the travel cost the last official working day
Furthermore  the Company will also hand out a red envelope to the staff who attend the first day after Chinese New Year
2012   Shenzhen Brojen Electronic Technology Co. Ltd started as a company
Producing / selling different alarms for the domestic market
Selling in Amazon – with ware house in (California)
2015  1st product launched – wired smoke alarm
2016  2nd product launched – wired door sensor
2017  3rd product launched – wired gas detector
2017  4th product launched – wired motion detector
2019  Wolff Shield products launched (Gas alarm and Extra Sensor)
2019  1st export to Europe (B2B)
2019   Our company has been approved to be among the top 100 companies. (No. 31)